Logical Labs Beacons Module for iOS

API Docs for: 1.2.7

BeaconRegion Class

Module: Readme

Represents an iBeacon region.



String read-only

Available since 1.1.1

This is a value that you specify and can use to identify this region inside your application.


Number read-only

Available since 1.1.0

The value identifying a group of beacons.


Number read-only

Available since 1.1.0

The value identifying a specific beacon within a group.



Available since 1.1.0

A Boolean indicating whether beacon notifications are sent when the device’s display is on.

When set to true, the location manager sends beacon notifications when the user turns on the display and the device is already inside the region. These notifications are sent even if your app is not running. In that situation, the system launches your app into the background so that it can handle the notifications. In both situations, the app will receive a BeaconsModule/determinedStateForRegion:event event.

The default value for this property is false.


String read-only

Available since 1.1.0

The unique ID of the beacons being targeted.